Nurturing Immunity
Fostering Health

100% Natural Probiotic Powder


Aarhi Impex is one of the leading importers & suppliers of animal probiotics. We offer supreme quality products rich in high nutrients which are beneficial for cattle and other farm animals. Keeping in mind the need of the hour, we are focused on the health and productivity of these animals. Our ultimate goal is to shape the future of the animals which would ultimately aid in the prosperity of farmers and quick growth of India in terms of livestock assets in the world.

Is your animal suffering from various conditions?

Well, Probiotics can help in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

Probiotics are useful in many ways. They are the boosters of microorganisms in the gut and rumen. Often animals have to go through stressful conditions which deteriorate their health. In such situations, probiotics play a major role and maintain the feasibility and sustainability of microorganisms which in turn improves the animal health.

Introducing Fosta1

Our latest product offering Fosta1 is a premium probiotic powder containing microorganisms and organic nutrients. This product is an outcome of years of research and tests conducted globally on cattle, ruminants and other farm animals. It not only boosts the gut and immune system of these animals but also keeps in check their overall health.

Health is Wealth!

For farm and cattle animals as well.

Several factors such as an unhealthy gut, adverse weather conditions, lack of nutrition etc deteriorate animals health. Fosta1 is a solution to all such problems. A probiotic powder with the right balance of natural microorganisms (the good bacteria) and nutrients that the animal gut needs. These microorganisms when mixed with the feed, fight against the harmful bacteria, infections, and keep in check the overall animal health.